Who We Are

Following a long career in the hospitality and catering industry, former manager of one, two and three Michelin stars restaurants all over Europe, Pioneer of French home delivery for London residents and co-founder of the first French grocery shop in the UK. With now the desire to bring this experience to Ireland.

Our Products

Our aim is to deliver all the culinary delights of France to your door, wherever your address in the Republic of Ireland is. From charcuterie to cheeses, from traditional dishes to artisanal desserts, fresh or frozen, with water, matching wines or champagnes.

How We Work

We are an online French grocery shop based in Dublin. We pass on your orders directly to our suppliers and producers in order to provide you with the best possible sell by dates. Your goods are then dispatched by chilled, frozen or at room temperature by food specialized transporters, seven days a week. Your groceries will then be taken care of, and handed over to our delivery team. You will be informed by email of the date and time slot

Our Products

Highest Quality

+10% Free Products

100% French

45+ direct suppliers

7 arrivals per week

A choice of thousands of products

Deliver anywhere in the Republic of Ireland

Our Story

“Sweet France, dear country of my childhood 

Lulled by carefree times, I have kept you in my heart…” 


Today, after 3 years of work, my heart is going “Boom”: 

        Welcome to Délices de France! 


Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2010, French gastronomy is rich in its terroirs and culinary traditions. 


Délices de France is the chance to delight your taste buds at home, with family or friends, without moving.  WONDERFUL NO!!! 

The regulars will be able to recreate a well-known and appreciated atmosphere. The others will be introduced to this culinary richness and, without a doubt, will adopt it.  



From the basic to the most sophisticated, everything is here to cook, in one click. Thousands of products are listed. 


A beef Bourguignon, a fish soup, a quiche Lorraine or a chocolate mousse; don’t be afraid, you are not alone. Our blog is here with our recipes to accompany you. 


A French meal is always accompanied by a wine from our regions; a Beaujolais, a Loire wine, a Mediterranean rosé or even a Champagne for special occasions: here too you have the choice. ( hear the “PLOP” of the cork…) 


If for you it only takes a click to make your selection, our team’s credo is to buy directly from local French producers at a fair price. 

La France dans votre assiette: every two weeks, new products and special offers based on a region. 



“For X euros, here is some thyme from the garrigue, a little saffron and a kilo of figs…” 


HUMMM;;; I can feel my taste buds going crazy… So watch out for what’s coming next. 

At Délices de France, your loyalty is immediately rewarded: 10% free products from 100 euros of order  

No more points that accumulate, turning into a voucher which, anyway, is forgotten or invalidated in time… right? 


So tell us everything: what will be your first Délice de France on your plate? 


Délice de France is our madeleine de proust and we hope it will become yours. 

We are looking forward to your visit with impatience and gratitude.  


Laurent Guinot 


PS: France is also culturally rich! Did you find the references that crept into this editorial? 

Our Team

We Are The Best Team

    Laurent Guinot
      Valerie Guinot
      Head of Recipes