/Simple chocolate cream without eggs

recipe chocolate cream

Ingredients :

  • 3/4 l milk
  • 5 tbsp sugar
  • 200 gr dark chocolate
  • 1 tbsp vanilla liquid
  • 2 tbsp maïzena
  • 30 gr butter

No one can resist these delicious egg-free chocolate creams. Easy and fast, this cream is particularly creamy and tasty.

  • STEP 1

    Heat the milk in a saucepan .

  • 2ND STEP

    When it is hot, add the sugar and the chocolate in pieces; stir over very low heat!

  • STEP 3

    When everything is melted, add the vanilla off the heat.

  • STEP 4

    Dissolve the cornstarch in a little water, then pour it into the chocolate milk; cook over low heat for 10 minutes while stirring.

  • STEP 5

    When the cream has thickened, remove from the heat and add the butter, stir (it will prevent the formation of a skin on the cream).

  • STEP 6

    Leave to cool and serve very cold.

Add all the ingredients to the basket!

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